Soul Waves


By Saras Feijoo & Aengus Hackett.

Soul Waves travels between the worlds of visual arts and music, exploring the exciting territory where they meet. How does the world of sound interact with that of the visual? Does movement through space relate to music, and do sound waves passing through air evoke a physical response?

This work-in-progress is an evocative, immersive, visual and sound-based performance. Using both structured elements and improvisation, it paints a portrait of human beings and the different ways in which we are connected.

April 23rd. 5pm
Town Hall Studio
Galway, Ireland.

Donation on the door. However, seats are very limited, so it is necessary to book in advance by emailing


Creative Perspective Sessions!

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Behind me, it is a painting of mine and, besides me, my pal… they didn’t follow their artistic call, and that is how they ended.

Don’t let yourself end like that!

I work with people from all over the world through my Creative Perspective Sessions. They are perfect for you if you are:

– an artist that have an idea for a project you want to dive deep but you don’t know how to do it or how to reframe it, or you need ideas of how to unlock the creativity within yourself or discover new ways to do things to achieve your highest potential as an artist.

– An artist-to-be. You have always wanted to be an artist all your life, and you haven’t been able to start because you don’t know how or where to start or because you feel overwhelmed with the idea of the “ART WORLD”…

– A business person totally immersed in your business world, and you want to get in touch with your creative side because YOU KNOW it will balance your life and your business.

Get in touch and ACT NOW! Your inner artist will thank you later.

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Inside and Outside – An insight into my artistic world.


Today, I want to share with you an insight into my artistic work by explaining to you what is behind my metaphysical self-portrait painting Inside and Outside. This is my way to welcome you into my world or, my view of the world made into art.

I made Inside and Outside inspired by last time I saw my sister – a few years ago now -. We met in Madrid after maybe 4 years or more we haven’t seen each other.

On the left hand, I have represented the outside world. The one we perceived based on our own limitations, believes. It is there at our fingertips since we are the creators of it.

The outside world is a reflection of the inside world, that is why the represented human is looking towards the small circle.

The small circle, made out of a bike wheel is the mind, – one part of “our” inside world. In it “things” are united by threads of truth or lies we tell ourselves… by memories – realities from the past… by hopes – realities of the future… by beliefs and many more things.

A small thread goes down from the circle to the right hand. This thread closes a loop in itself too. It shows us that all is inter-related. There are not secrets; your outside world can see through your inside world because the first one is a reflection of the second one. And this, I have always learned from my sister.

She told me once; I don’t need to talk about anyone, people sense who we are based on our actions. This phrase has stayed with me since!

But what made me create this painting in the first place?

I went for a walk with my friend who lives in Madrid during that trip. He took the photo I am portraying in this painting. He asked me to make a picture in which he was portraited. So, I did. The reddish circle in which he’s inside represents the boundaries of my own realities at the time. I got so distracted by what Madrid had to offer me that I forgot to make more space for that which was the most important at the time, my sister and my love for her.

Inside and Outside is a reminder of how important is to take our life between our hands and accept responsibility for creating our own realities. A reality that makes us happy, fulfilled and joyful.

I am selling this painting and if you want it, get in touch with me directly for more details.

BTW,  of course, I can also explain other things further. One of them is the fact, for instance, that I created my own canvas. At the time, my search for creating something that really speaks from my heart was so strong that I took many of my old denim trousers, cut them apart, saw them together to create a very asymmetric piece of art. There was nothing symmetric in my life at the time so why to “pretend”.

Welcome to my World!

fresh harvest market


Please take a sit, feel comfortable and let me share with you, my creative world.

I am a performer, theatre-maker, multidisciplinary artists, creative advisor and teacher. Whatever the artistic form I choose to use, the focus of my work is in creating art/performances and events that are honest, raw, feeling- and thought- provoking and are full of love, poetry, colours and reflects the tensions of life.
My work is aim to everyone that believes in the magic of life and hope for a better future.

I hope we can work together sometime soon!


Choose – An Insight into my Artistic Work.

Choose -Oil on Canvas

This is a painting I made a while ago called “Choose”.

What is it about? Well… do you know when you feel confused, or you have many paths in front of you, and you don’t know which one to take? (but you know actually!)

This painting is about those of us that have chosen the path we want to walk, and we go for it.
The human, you can see on the path itself, is naked because you f*cking need to be vulnerable and show yourself truly to chose your own path. It takes lots of courage and belief!
(Believe in yourself, in your dreams and in the fact that you can do it).

Once you choose, it feels as if the light just comes in and light your path (you can see it in the painting too). That is because all the weight of doubt is gone. Now, it is just you and your path. Every step will count for now on. You have become CONSCIOUSLY the creator of your own reality.

Can you see the little human down a bit (in the centre)? This figure represents all of those that are looking out, dreaming away but haven’t done that step yet out of their comfort zone towards walking their dreams. They are watching life passing through, watching others creating their dreams.

I am not here to judge, so I am not sure why this person doesn’t follow their dreams too. However, I have just decided to represent them on my paintings. Which one are you?

This morning I finally decided to take that step into setting a big trip I have desired for a while. It feels very exciting and so f***** scary. I know though that I will be a better version of me on the other side – I believe I already am, since pushing myself to make the decision!
The most beautiful part when taking that step was receiving a message from my niece saying: “You are an inspiration by following your heart.” That message made my day and gave me more courage.
(Yes! I will tell you more about my trip once I am ready).

All of these to tell you that I am selling “Choose” AND also all my paintings and I would like to invite you to invest in them. They are beautiful pieces of my soul that I want to share with you.
Your investment will go towards continuing walking this artistic path of mine, sharing with others beings like me, inspire others to do the same and creating a community of like-minded dreamers that are not scared to CHOOSE for what we want. It is a win-win situation!

Thank you!!!!!


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